Data privacy standards change about as much as the weather nowadays. Only the implications of ignoring them are much more serious than those of forgetting to pack an umbrella on a rainy day. In the latest turn of events, two international trendsetters—the European Union and the United States—have teamed up to create a data privacy […]

Like all other countries, the Netherlands is not without rules when it comes to data processing. De Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming – or the GDPR – is just one example. This article will dive deep into the state of Dutch data privacy to tell you everything you need to know about this law, as well as […]

Living in the twenty-first century certainly has its advantages. But it also comes with risk. With data more prolific than ever, both people and organizations face a heightened threat of cybersecurity attacks. The environment is even more dangerous for government entities, which hold some of the most critical pieces of information out there. This article […]

Generative AI marks a massive leap forward in human innovation. In a matter of decades, we’ve come from a point of imagining this technology to a reality in which it can be used in everyday life. ChatGPT is the first thing that comes to mind for many in this respect; released in November 2022, the […]

Privacy is a difficult, yet increasingly relevant issue in the world of business. As technology continues to advance – and more companies begin to rely on it – the potential for personal business data to be accessed and misused grows. Criminals no longer need to rely on physical acts of theft and vandalism to make […]

America’s schools face an increased risk of cybercrime breaches. Breaches are becoming unfortunately commonplace among institutions K to post-secondary, leaving students vulnerable at all stages of their educational journeys. This article will explore the issue of education data security, its impacts, current challenges, and what can be done to mitigate the risks posed by cybercriminals […]

Fun fact: over half of internet users believe that Incognito Mode prevents Google from seeing their search history. Another fun fact: 37% think it’s capable of preventing their employer from tracking them. The truth? It actually does neither of those things. In fact, Google collects so much data on its users that it’s become the subject of […]