Who We Are

TeraDact is an AI/ML Information Security company based out of a HUB zone in Missoula, Montana.  Our products allow for on-prem and cloud based proactive protection of your sensitive data.



TeraDact has served our customers for more than 30 years through its ups and downs by providing innovative Information Security, Infrastructure, Cloud, and Transformation solutions. We embrace and overcome complex technical problems by providing solutions that protect your data. Our legacy of partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and public sector entities has made us a trusted advisor for entities of all sizes.



In February 2021, the TeraDact Solutions assets were acquired, giving a new opportunity to provide value to customers and clients alike. While this process has been a difficult period for all, our organization has continued to learn and grow from the process. TeraDact has emerged from this process stronger, leaner, and ready to continue to service both new and existing customers alike with a new leadership team.


Slow Growth

During the 2010s, TeraDact revenue began to slow, and the company was ultimately deemed to not be feasible as a going concern. Eventually, this led to an Assignment on behalf of Creditors in the Delaware Chancery Court that gave the company, its employees, and its customers a new beginning. We thank the former leadership team for their guidance of the company during this challenging period and look forward to watching their future endeavors.


Expansion into New Territories and Acquisition

Celcorp expanded its portfolio into a new product, Amerigo, which was a comprehensive Internet/Intranet travel reservations engine designed to meet the needs of corporate travel departments. Amerigo gave businesses quick and easy access to the information and tools they needed to build and book their travel itineraries. Deployed over a secure corporate Intranet, Amerigo allowed employees to make travel reservations directly from their personal computer or laptop using any standard Web browser.

In 2001, Celcorp received funding from NewMarket Technology Fund, which eventually led to Celcorp being fully acquired in 2007 by the Fund. In 2008, Celcorp named a new CEO, Chris Schrichte, who took over operations and renamed the company TeraDact Solutions.


Humble Beginnings

TeraDact began its life in 1990 as Cel Corporation (‘Cel’), providing Infrastructure and Data solutions to meet the needs of Fortune 500 companies. Customers included Bay Networks, Hallmark Cards, Holiday Inn Worldwide, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Lockheed-Martin, Motorola, Apple Computer, NASA, and United Airlines. Cel envisioned a world where connectivity was simple and easily attained regardless of the challenges presented by multiple platforms, disparate technology architectures, complex mainframe communication, and risky client/server migrations.

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