Trusted Enterprise Data Security

Trusted Enterprise Data Security

Establish a trusted relationship with your sensitive data

Who We Are

Headquartered in a HUB zone in Missoula, MT

TeraDact is an AI/ML Information Security company based out of a HUB zone in Missoula, Montana. Our products allow for on-prem and cloud based proactive protection of your sensitive data.

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The latest news about our company and the people who work here, what’s new in the world of data and information security.

TeraDact is leading the data and information security process regarding tokenization and redaction of sensitive data.  For over 30 years, we have served both the public and private sectors.  TeraDact specializes in infrastructure solutions to protect your sensitive data on=premise and in the cloud to meet the strict standards of GDPR, CPRA, and the most recently China’s PIPL.

TeraDact is now proud to announce the release of Tokenizer+ and Redactor+ to provide specialized tokenization and redaction services for all of your sensitive data regardless of where it resides in the multi-cloud world.  Beyond meeting the minimum requires for GPDR, CPRA and PIPL, our solutions allow for a multi-layered approach to data protection to protecting your data from attack and intrusion.

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TeraDact has served our customers for more than 30 years through its ups and downs by providing innovative Information Security, Infrastructure, Cloud, and Transformation solutions.

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What We Do

Establish trust with your enterprise data

Establish trust with your enterprise data

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Get free access to the [email protected]

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