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Data Security

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Establish a trusted relationship with your data with TeraDact’s suite of data protection and security products. Our products are deployable from the ground-to-the-cloud, and from the core-to-the-edge to proactively provide resiliency to your data.

Establish trust with your data

Simplify and secure your data, driven insights and embedded secure analytics.

Data Consolidation

Consolidate your internal and external threat vectors with resilient hyper automated products

Improve Security

Reduce risk and time to delivery secure data and applications with our battle hardened platform

4Rs Analysis

Enable Readiness, Response, Recovery and Resiliency within your organization

Proactive Governance

Move from reactive measures to proactive and protective Governance, Risk, and Compliance

How it Works

Building Blocks For Security

Connect to Data Sources

TeraDact integrates with major databases, data lakes, REST APIs, and cloud data sources

Dashboards and Reporting

Customize your interface to ensure your GRC, Privacy and Data Protection effectiveness

Generate Insights

Analyze your environment through an intuitive and interactive interface, and generate actionable

Get Notified

Define your custom rulesets and get notified proactively


Everything You Need To Secure Your Data

Interactive Intelligence

Interactive intelligence that is responsive to your risk profile regardless of the data you encounter

Responsive Design

TeraDact works across devices with an intuitive front-end. You can connect to a data source, protect, monitor and share in just a couple of clicks

Manage Data Security

Manage your organization's data protection for multiple data locations all from a single dashboard

Unlimited Viewers

You can allow an unlimited number of viewers in your organization view dashboard and reports without additional cost

Flexible Plans

Our plans are designed to fit companies, organizations and governmental agencies of any size. Moreover, our pricing doesn’t change between on-prem, the cloud, the core, or the edge

Easy to Customize

TeraDact is built with highly scalable, configurable and customizable architecture to fit your organizations requirements

Supported Data Sources

TeraDact works with your data sources