Net zero
emissions targets

TeraDact is committed to various governmental and nongovernmental organizations voluntary initiatives, and pledge platforms that can help publicly validate ambitious carbon targets.

Race to Zero is a United Nations global campaign to rally leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions and investors.

Net zero opportunity:

While TeraDact believes net zero is not without challenges the Race to Zero publicly has spurred climate action engagement where it didn’t previously exist and TeraDact seeks to support this public engagement to deliver on 2050 carbon neutrality outcomes.

Carbon Reduction Plan:

In January 2023 TeraDact announced that it has met its goal of at least 60% clean energy from carbon-free hydro, wind, and some solar generation and set a goal of at least 70% carbon-free clean energy by 2030.  We believe this is accomplishable with feasible technology to limit original carbon emission and will prioritize continued reductions in emissions, energy efficiency and increased carbon-free renewable energy use.